Monday, 19 November 2012

Santander Says No to Lodgement

I had a small lodgement to make today to the credit of a Cahoot account. Rather than do this at my own bank, which I have done on several occasions, I decided to do this at a branch of Santander. This seemed to me to be a wholly logical thing to do. Cahoot is after all a subsidiary of Santander. 

The clerk took the lodgement book willingly enough, but he then announced that the sort code was not one which his computer allowed. I pointed out the relationship between Cahoot and Santander. This did not seem to have any relevance.  He swivelled his screen towards me and jabbed at it, reiterating that he couldn't accept the lodgement. It's an on line account he announced. Tempted to say more I pointed out to him that I could not make a cash lodgement through a computer. I don't think he had thought about that, but he repeated that he could not accept the lodgement. He said that he ," thought," that the terms of the account may mean that lodgements had to made at the Post Office. He then rubbed a hand through his slightly grizzled coiffure.

Thanking him for his customer assistance I walked fifty yards to a branch of the Ulster Bank. The cashier was welcoming, personable and efficient. My lodgement was accepted with alacrity. 

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