Sunday, 11 November 2012

Autumn Leaves

11th November 2012

The trees have been holding on to their leaves rather longer this year. Probably a reflection of no heavy frosts and no gales. Most of the leaves have however now ceased their fight against the natural order of things, although the beech trees still cling to a tantalising reminder of their autumnal, russet hues. A carpet of yellow and brown drying leaves covers the lower lawn giving a satisfying swish and crackle as you trail your feet through them. 

So long as the dry weather continues for a few days a high setting on the mower should lift the bulk of the leaves for depositing on the compost heaps. 

The garden is definitely slowing down for the winter. Still plenty of tidying though and a tree which is suffering the indignities of old age that requires the kind and brutal cut of the chain saw. It may not thank me for this but it really is for the best. Its and mine. Think of all the lovely logs!

Beech Tree 12th November 2012

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