Friday, 23 November 2012

Final Florence Fennel

Florence Fennel - 23rd November 2012
The feathery foliage of the fennel plant adds a rather exotic feature to the vegetable patch. Brushing your fingers through the fronds releases the aniseed aromas which are this plant's trademark. 

Unfortunately this has not been a great year for my Florence fennel. Despite not sowing the seed until the end of June several of the plants proceeded to bolt. Even those that didn't decide to run to seed did  not provide the fat, swollen bulbs that I was able to crop last year. Still I managed to get a few meals from my sowing and today I pulled the last bulbs. Surprisingly the early frosts have not racked havoc on the stragglers save for a little ,"burnt" foliage at the end of the fronds. 

The selection of fresh veg is gradually reducing. Root veg and brassica now rule supreme.

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