Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cold Weather Training

There was a definite winter feel to the weather today. The temptation would have been to stay indoors in the warm. Instead I defrosted my car and headed to training. The grass was still white with frost when I arrived at our training venue. Not too many layers were going to be taken off today and the hat and gloves would stay firmly in place.

After a rather tentative two mile warm up on road and footpath we changed into spikes for the session. Today's athletic menu for me was to be seven four minute efforts with two minutes jog recovery between efforts. 

The conditions underfoot were quite good save for a thirty metre stretch where water seems to collect. The overnight frost had only given this area a skin of ice. Even on the first lap we were breaking through the ice and perforce our feet had to savour the mud and cold, very cold, water beneath. I know why I hate cross country! There is little pleasure in cold or even numb toes. I have vivid recollections of school cross country races where I lost toenails as a result of stubbing frozen feet on stones and tree roots. Oh happy days! 

Cold feet apart it was a good session although I was not displeased with the opportunity to change into dry socks prior to the warm down. Altogether I clocked up some ten miles. Lunch was consumed with alacrity.

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