Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Is Jekyll Hyde Bound?


This month's book for discussion at the classic book reading group was Robert Louis Stevenson's, "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. To call this a novel is probably stretching the term somewhat, but yet it is something more than a short story. Maybe it is the first example of a novella?


The last assemblage of the group only attracted four members and one of those appeared to announce that she was returning to her homeland, the Kingdom of Alba. Would there be sufficient attendees today to enable the term , "group," to be applied to the gathering? Well just about I think. Five of us arrived clutching our much thumbed books.

I suppose we all have our Edward Hyde side and we all have to ensure that we control the dark side of our personalities. Jekyll became addicted to his alter ego and ultimately could not keep those tendencies in rein. The descent to moral decrepitude could not be halted.


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