Friday, 18 October 2013

Getting Drugs from the Pharmacy. Easy!!

The aged male parent was unable to attend his GP's surgery today to pick up a prescription so I was volunteered/directed to collect it for him and then go to his pharmacy of choice to obtain the drug filled phials.


I introduced myself at the surgery and was asked to confirm my father's name and address. This satisfied them as to my bona fides. At the pharmacy I was only asked for my father's name. An easily performed task, but should it have been easy as it was? Maybe there are more stringent procedures for different and stronger types of drugs and medicaments. I would hope that this is the case. If not then there is something of a gap in the rules and regulations of the health service in so far as they apply to Northern Ireland.


Perhaps I do have an honest face, but so do the most successful con merchants.


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