Monday, 7 October 2013

Farm Fixer Revisited

I was interested to watch Nick Hewer's update on the Northern Ireland farm businesses which he had visited for last year's Farm Fixer series. Tonight's programme dealt with four of these budding agricultural entrepreneurs who are attempting to diversify their enterprises. Presumably the remaining rural businesses will be put under the microscope next week.


The Cole family of Broughgammon Farm, notionally headed by Charlie Cole, but I suspect under the direction of his mother have certainly expanded their goat meat operations. They now have some one hundred young male goats being fattened up. Billy beef may not be the most obvious choice for a Sunday roast, but once you set aside any preconceived notions it does actually provide a very appetising source of protein. I have purchased various of Charlie's goat cuts and products at country markets and they have all proved to be very tasty. Goat meat has the advantage over our more usual meats of providing a good source of conversation at the dinner table after your guests have unknowingly had their fill of its nutrients!


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