Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dental Flossy? Methinks Not.


I have been attending my present dental practice for about seven years. However my first experience of the practice dates back to the 1960's when for whatever reason I was taken there by my parents when I broke a crown. (I think that our usual dental surgeon must have been on holiday.)


Returning to the practice more than forty years later it was still very recognisable. True there were a few computers in evidence and there had probably been one or two partial refits over the years and of course the staff and dentists had changed, but it was still very much the same practice and I have to concede a trifle old fashioned. Not that there is anything wrong with a touch of yesteryear. It can be very reassuring and the treatment I received, dental and social was always first rate, although I was always wary of the deplaquing exercise. It was my practice to take two or three painkillers in advance of my six monthly checkups.


About a year ago the principal elected to retire and his successor, a dentist of the female variety has embarked on an extensive modernisation scheme. The premises definitely needed this revamp. Work is still very much ongoing, but the surgery into which I was ushered last week had been completed. The old linoleum and strip lighting had disappeared to be replaced by dazzling white walls and bright inset ceiling lights. A brand spanking new treatment chair and dental equipment sat amidst the room.


Methinks that my now dentist will prove to be a very astute business woman as well as a being a proficient dental surgeon. She is definitely not a dental flossy!

I forgot to take any painkillers in anticipation of my checkup; deplaque and clean. It wasn't necessary. The female dental touch may be gentler than that of the male!


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