Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hedge Cutting .

It was rather breezy when I ventured into the garden this morning. The task I had set myself for my morning's travails was to finish cutting the beech hedge which surrounds the vegetable garden. A trifle late in the year to be getting round to this task I know, but hopefully the wounds will callus over sufficiently quickly to prevent any frost damage. I really must get around to this job earlier next year.

Cutting the sides of the hedge didn't take too long, but the tops took much longer. It was a bit of a chore moving the step ladder along the hedge, checking its stability and then climbing up to give the hedge its autumnal shearing. A petrol driven hedgecutter would not only speed up the task, but also make it easier. I have however not invested in that particular piece of garden machinery. It seems a bit silly to spend a few hundred pounds on something that will require annual maintenance and will only be used on a few days every year. For the moment I am relying on my trusty hedge shears. I do however have to concede after a morning of manual hedge cutting that the ache in my right shoulder might convince me that a mechanical version of my shears might, (only might), be something to consider in the future.

Cutting a hedge is one of those garden tasks where you see a real and immediate improvement once the job has been completed even if it has a deleterious affect on your physical well being.


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