Thursday, 3 October 2013

Around Northern Ireland in 36 days.


Around Northern Ireland in thirty six days. This isn't the title of an early and long forgotten novel by Jules Gabriel Verne. No this is my estimate for the number of running days that it will take a friend of mine to complete his run around the coastline of Northern Ireland. I don't know when the idea for this venture crystallised , but I must acknowledge a certain degree of envy on my part that he came up with the idea first.


His running adventure started on 3rd February in County Down. Every week since then he has completed another stage of the run, keeping as close to the coast as possible. He journeys to each starting point by public transport and returns home in similar manner. This is one of the self imposed rules.


The thirty second leg which took him from Coleraine to Downhill has just been completed. He has been relating the experiences of each stage of his run and posting photographs of our varied coastline on his blog, I await each week's instalment with interest.


I wonder what running challenge he will take up when he arrives at the boundary between Counties Londonderry and Donegal on the shore of Lough Foyle in a few weeks time?



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