Thursday, 29 August 2013

What Computer to Purchase?

My laptop computer is beginning to show its age. It is not quite ten years old, but I am told that this makes it almost prehistoric in the world of computers. It's not that it has ceased all functionality, but it does take rather a long time to, "warm up," and get to the stage where I can get on to the Internet or even type a letter. One has to allow about fifteen minutes for its circuitry to get to the operational stage. I have to admit that this can be a tad tiring.


Having enjoyed using my ipad for the past twelve months I thought that I might purchase a "Mac," as the successor to my chronically ill computer ,despite the hefty price tag that such a purchase would entail. Accordingly I entered through the doors of Belfast's, "Apple Store," having resigned myself to having my current account somewhat denuded of funds as a result of the visit.


My initial ponderings had caused me to think that a Macbook Pro might be the ticket as it had a CD drive. The staff seemed to be very knowledgeable and it was suggested that I might want to consider a desk top model rather than a laptop. I retreated to a nearby coffee shop for an infusion of coffee and to ponder. Undoubtedly I would be getting more, "bang for my buck," if I went for a desk top computer and maybe I didn't need the portability of a laptop as I had my ipad. What to do?


I retraced my steps. It was a different sales assistant that came to my assistance on this occasion, but equally knowledgable. Having ascertained my limited use of the Information Technology Highway and its capabilities he suggested that I might want to consider using a portable keyboard along with my ipad and at least postpone the investment in a new computer. A Logitech keyboard cover was produced for me to look at and try. The ipad slots into a groove in the keyboard, essentially giving you a mini laptop. I decided to purchase this piece of hardware and so far I am happy with it. I suspect however that I will ultimately reenter the portals of the Apple Store to purchase a new computer, whether desktop or laptop. I can't imagine that the memory of the ipad will be sufficient to store everything that I want to retain.


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