Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tree Trimming

My chainsaw toting friends arrived on Monday morning to carve up the latest arboreal casualty, a wild cherry tree which had elected for a horizontal stance some three weeks ago. The reason for its decline and fall was soon evident. Whilst a ring of wood about six inches deep was alive and vital the centre of the trunk up to a height of some eight feet was soft and diseased. It crumbled in your hands.


With the cherry tree duly ringed they attacked what remained of the bole of a large scots pine which had gone to tree heaven several years ago. Their efforts were rewarded with five very large rings. How was I going to manhandle these into a wheelbarrow and get them under cover pending blocking? Thankfully they are as equally adept with an axe as with a chainsaw and they were able to half each of the rings. The resultant slabs of wood still weigh close to three quarters of a hundredweight, but they are now at least manageable and as they kindly brought them up to the yard I only have to lift them onto my logging block.


The final subject of their incisive administrations was a large cherry tree branch in the lower garden. Its angle and weight had resulted in a large longitudinal crack appearing. Another growing season or a sufficiently strong wind was going to bring it to earth so I thought that I might as well anticipate the inevitable and have it amputated.


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