Friday, 16 August 2013

The Road to Tullamore


Despite my paucity of training I will be journeying to Tullamore this weekend for the Irish Masters Track & Field Championships. The weather forecast would suggest that it will be a dismal, damp and dank trip down to the midlands and that the conditions are unlikely to improve for the day of competition.


I cannot say that I am travelling with much hope, either as to times or positions, but to use the vernacular I will certainly give it,"a rattle." Championship races tend to be run tactically rather than particularly fast and I expect my 800m to be very much like that with the racing not starting until the last 200m. That may however depend upon who has dodged serious injury and turns up and who is carrying some small niggle. My problem is gong to be lack of base fitness due to my time out through injury and perhaps even more importantly lack of race fitness. The 400m, if I do it, is likely to be a truer race.


I must remember my spikes!


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