Monday, 19 August 2013

Running Against Time.

Tullamore in County Offaly was Saturday's venue for the 2013 Irish Masters Track and Field Championships.


I suppose we erstwhile Peter Pans of the track are a rather sad and desperate section of society. We don't want to admit that we are becoming older and slower. We try to hide it. We endeavour to ignore it.


One might think that running and competing against near contemporaries would provide the catalyst for that moment of disbelief when you can forget that you really are the age emblazoned on your birth certificate. Unfortunately that is not the case. You line up at the start of your age category event and you are surrounded by these wrinkly faced men with grey, greying or absent hair. For a second you ask yourself what you are doing standing amidst these individuals. Then the sad reality hits. You are one of these individuals. You are defined by your age category.


Age does weary us and the years do condemn.


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