Monday, 12 August 2013

Back on Track Again.


I made my comeback to track competition yesterday after an injury enforced absence of three months. It is easy to say that it is frustrating not being able to compete, nor indeed train properly, but it doesn't describe adequately the feelings engendered by a restriction on your locomotive powers. A bit late in the season to feel the tartan under my feet, but at least I was able to start, and more importantly finish a race.


The venue for yesterday's track meeting was the Mary Peters Track. This was my first race at the track since its re opening after being extended from six to eight lanes. An open graded competition was being run in conjunction with the Northern Ireland Team Trophy. I know that it is late in the season and some people will be on holiday, but even putting all that in the mix the turnout was very disappointing. Various events including the men's 400mh were, "pulled," through lack of interest and many had a distinct paucity of competitors. The men's 100m, 200m and 400m were probably the most competitive and highest standard events with the 400m being won in something over 48s.


The event chosen for my comeback, the 800m, saw only four of us at the starting line. Three of us are in the same training group so it felt more like a time trial rather than a race. That said myself and my two compadres were reasonably satisfied with our times, most especially taking account of the strong wind on the back straight. Needless to say I finished fourth, (ok last), but at least my 2.15 left me in sight of those ahead of me!


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