Saturday, 24 August 2013

Mixed Race Cucumbers

Cucumbers 2012

Last summer's cucumber crop provided me with dozens of long regular specimens. The longest were almost two feet in length. A heck of a concurbit. The variety was Telegraph. I decided to save some seed from one of these goliaths hoping that this year's crop would at least equal, if not exceed that of last year. I duly sowed the seed in the spring and it was not long before I had nine or ten cucumber plants growing on. The best half dozen were selected and planted in the back section of the greenhouse and the necessary bamboo scaffolding erected to allow the plants to clamber skywards, assisted by a little judicious tying in.


It was not long before little cucumbers could be seen to be forming. Unfortunately these have not grown to the size of their forebears. They are stunted, rather more ridged and have a yellowish tinge to their skin.


What had happened? Why had my eugenics experiment for cucumbers gone so disastrously wrong? It was a few days before I realised the awful truth. The purity of the bloodline had been compromised! Last year as well as growing cucumbers I had also grown two gherkin plants. What I had been growing on and nurturing was the illicit spawn of a gherkin and a thoroughbred cucumber brought together by some nefarious bumblebee. Dr. Mengele would not have approved. Still they do taste all right.

Cucumbers 2013 style.


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