Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Gooseberry - Fulsome Jam

The trusty saucepan has been brought into use again. With the balance of the gooseberries now picked, four pounds of these hairy berries were topped and tailed before being deposited in the saucepan along with the juice of one lemon and something just shy of a pint of water. This concoction was brought to the boil atop the aged aga and then left to simmer for about fifteen minutes, by which time the gooseberries were no longer recognisable as berries. Four pounds of Tate & Lyle granulated sugar was then added. (Other makes of sugar are available!)


It took about five minutes to dissolve the sugar after which the caries inducing mixture was boiled for about ten minutes, followed by simmer mode. The pink scum which collected on the surface was spooned off at intervals. It took about forty five minutes before the conserve was adjudged to have reached its setting point after which it was ladled in to the awaiting sterilised jars.


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