Saturday, 10 August 2013



Having a mature garden certainly has its advantages. You aren't waiting for trees and shrubs to grow and provide you with shelter and you have your arboreal features in situ. The downside is that you have your casualties.


Most years storm and old age cause at least two or three boughs to head earthwards. This year has however been worse than most. On Wednesday morning as I lay between sleep and wakefulness I heard a loud crack and crashing sound. An investigation disclosed that an old cherry tree had decided that it was finally time to move from the vertical to the horizontal. I have to admit that it hasn't been entirely vertical for more than a few years. The cause of that I in part put down to the climbing rope which had been attached to a large branch about thirty feet up by a previous owner. No doubt it was put in place so as to appeal to the Tarzan abilities of his teenage children.


It seems that I must again call upon my chainsaw toting friend. We should both end up with a few cubic yards of firewood. Earth to earth. Wood to ground.


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