Saturday, 13 July 2013

Stuart Broad - My name's not Walker

The actions, or more accurately the inactions of England's Stuart Broad during the third day of the first Test will reverberate through the game of cricket. He was clearly out. He had edged Ashton Agar's delivery but for some inexplicable reason the umpire didn't see or hear this. Despite the appeals from the Australian players he was given not out and he remained at the crease.


Obviously he only had a split second to decide whether he should do, "the decent thing," abide by Corinthian principles and walk, but the point is that, "professionalism," won the day. Broad will never be allowed to forget this violation of the unwritten tenets of the summer game. This may well be the incident which harbinges cricket's decline to the principles of play which rugby has embraced in recent years.


I must check the obituaries in the Times today.

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