Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Legume Update.

So long as you remember to provide your beans and peas with enough water the present weather conditions are perfect for the leguminous area of the vegetable patch. Hot and clammy.


My peas are forming lots of pods and I am now soaking them with umpteen cans of water. I really should invest in a sufficiently long hose! A week or perhaps ten days from now and I should be picking plump, engorged pods full of sweet tasting peas. That will be good.


The broad beans have come on well and are flowering well. I will have to think of pinching out the growing buds quite soon. It will certainly be August before the satin lined pods are ready for picking.


As for the runner beans, well they keep growing skyward. I pinched them out today and added extra bamboos to their wigwam supports. A few pods are now beginning to droop from the fertilised flowers. I am anticipating a heavy crop.


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