Thursday, 4 July 2013

Borage Blue

Borage - 4th July 2013.


It was four years ago that I purchased a packet of borage seeds. The plants grew very well and flowered even better. My neighbour's bees seemed very pleased with this addition to the herb bed.


I have not had to buy any borage seeds since that initial packet. The first year's plants self seeded and have continued to do so ever since. Pulling up extraneous borage seedlings is now part and parcel of the garden routine. They pop up everywhere. In amongst the potatoes, between the rows of peas and even in the herbaceous borders. The flowers are quite attractive and yes you can use the young leaves in salads as well as eating the flowers themselves and yes the flowers can be entombed in ice cubes to add a certain something to a pimm's or a stiff g & t, but there is a limit to the number of plants that can be warranted on culinary or aesthetic grounds.


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