Sunday, 14 July 2013

Scent of Summer

Graham Thomas - 14th July 2013

Roses grow on you so the stalwart of the British confectionary trade told us before it was subsumed, (or maybe that should read consumed), by its crafty competitor.


I can't say that I am a great friend of the rose bush. The rose seems to attract pests and diseases, blackspot, greenfly, whitefly, etcetera, etcetera. You have to prune them, deadhead them and feed them. A lot of work and they have the audacity to scratch you! Accordingly while there are a few rose bushes scattered throughout the garden I can't say that they receive a lot of attention. They survive despite of me rather than because of me.


For whatever reason this seems to be a year which has favoured the roses and they have come into flower just as the weather has decided that it should be summer. Their scent lingers in the evening air.

Iceberg - 14th July 2013

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