Thursday, 18 July 2013

Gardening for Rabbits


There is a lot to be said in favour of miximitosis. Well perhaps not if you are a rabbit, but certainly if you are a gardener. Rabbits are a pest and for decades miximitosis kept these four legged locusts at bay. Now however these rapacious herbivores seem to have developed a resistance to what was the friend of the gardener and their numbers are climbing, - exponentially! That is I suppose what rabbits do. That and eat any tender shoots which their eyes, now undimned by miximitosis, fix upon.


A fortnight ago, perhaps slightly more, I planted several cosmos plants in the lower garden. They were doing well and the first flush of flowers was appearing. Now all that is left are skeletal stumps. Unfortunately I don't know any micro biologist who could be persuaded to release some deadly disease into the rabbit population. I do however know of two brothers who each have a shotgun. Their services will, I think, be called upon over the next few weeks. Death to all rabbits!


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