Thursday, 25 July 2013

Garden Produce


The garden seems to catching up with itself. The heat of the last three weeks taken in conjunction with the heavy showers of the past few days has brought both fruit and vegetables on apace. Dodging this morning's showers I picked a couple of bowls of gooseberries. A decision will now have to be taken as to how to process these. I suspect that they will either end up in a chutney or a jam. Whilst I may have avoided the precipitation I did not manage to avoid the thorns on the gooseberry bushes!

I also picked the first runner beans of the year. These I fancy will be consumed as part of tonight's dinner. Once the , "runners," are in full production it will be a matter of freezing the pickings or hunting out an appropriate relish recipe, but for the moment it is nice to enjoy the freshly picked pods.


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