Sunday, 21 July 2013

Garlic Harvest


As anticipated, (my 8th July post refers), the garlic is now ready for lifting, with the leaves predominantly yellow and bent down. I dug up about twenty bulbs today. Most of them are about two inches in diameter, so certainly as large as you get in those little packs of three in supermarkets.


I brought a few into the house for imminent use and accordingly cut off their foliage with my trusty penknife, but the remainder have been left, "foliage intacto," and spread out on the greenhouse staging for drying and ripening. Rather than add to the profits of the Garlic Farm I think that I might save a few of the fattest bulbs and plant their cloves in the autumn. Usually I would plant my garlic in early spring, but I decided to try an autumn planting last year. It has certainly been successful with very few , "no shows," but I suspect that the mild winter did help the percentage success rate.


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  1. Your garlic also looks fab, mine all rotted unfortunately after the cold spring