Sunday, 5 July 2015

Thunderous Weather - V V frightening

'Twas a strange day weather wise. Initially warm and humid. Then the closeness that precedes the weather of Thor. Heavy rain, thunder, lightning, natures forces rattling down. Doors rattle. I count the time betwixt the flash of lightning and the reverberations of the thunder claps. Fifteen seconds, ten seconds. Still two miles away. Four seconds! Crumbs that was close. I decide to stop charging my ipad.

The rain pounds down. I hear it thundering through the downspouts. I check the cellar. A languid weap of water is evident. The rain eases. The thunder disappears. The air is refreshingly cool. I amble through the vegetable garden. Everything is relieved that the thunderous torpor has dissipated. There is a freshness in the air. One can sense the invigoration of the vegetables. They are anxious to head skywards.



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