Monday, 13 July 2015

Bracket Fungus.


It must be five or six years since I cut down a rather recalcitrant bough from a sycamore tree at the bottom of the garden. The wound to the tree healed over quite quickly and I forgot about my venture into tree surgery. This year a bracket fungus has appeared around what I thought was a clean and antiseptic incision. Perhaps I should have applied a tar wash. The tree still looks vibrant and verdant so hopefully the fungal growth is not the preface of arboreal death. I wonder whether I can now crop this fungal growth?

Although I have various books on mushrooms and other fungi I find it very difficult to identify garden specimens with any degree of certainty and of course certainty is rather important with fungi if you wish to eat them. I, "think," that this specimen might be a polyporus of some description, but then again I may be totally wrong. Anyhows I don't think that mushroom risotto is on the menu.


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