Monday, 20 July 2015

Fast Jaguars.

I have always liked the look of Jaguar cars. For almost ten years I drove an S type. It was probably the retro look that attracted me to it. I am not however the first of the family to appreciate the automotive charms of the Jaguar marque.

In the 1950's a relative was a member of the Jaguar Works rally team. Clearly a better and somewhat faster driver than yours truly he and two of his compatriots took the 3.4 litre Mark VII to victory in the Monte Carlo Rally winning what was the then not insubstantial sum of £1200 in prize money. A bit of a speed junky my forebearer was to subsequently turn his attention to racing aircraft. I don't seem to have inherited too many of his genes!

He was not too dissimilar in looks to my father and I do remember an incident when my father was mistaken for his automotive relative and was invited to charge up the cost of our meal to the relative's account. My father, 'fessed up honest chap that he is.


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