Friday, 24 July 2015

The Garden Trug,

Full summer and the kitchen garden is coming into its own. I have three gooseberry bushes. They have been in situ for nearly fifteen years and I can't remember the names of the various varieties. I know that I should have made a note of them in the trusted garden diary but I didn't. Anyhows the earliest fruiting of the three bushes has divested its crop consequent upon my pluckings. I have to admit to a few wounds resulting from the cropping. Not as bad as the wounds emanating from a blackberry harvest but none the less several bloddied scratches now besmirch my sallow flesh. Four pounds of fruit now have to be dealt with. Methinks that I will convert this produce into a jam conserve.
The yellow tumbler tomatoes are beginning to provide their produce and I was able to pick sufficent courgettes and kohlrabi to provide sustenance for a few evenings. At this time of year it seems as if you only have to blink before several more courgettes are ready for picking. I may have to make a batch of chutney to use up this largesse from the garden.


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