Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Double Furlong Session

Yesterday's training was not easy. A lactic tolerance session is never a doddle. After the normal warm up and drills we started upon the hard stuff. Four 400m efforts were required from us. We were divided into two groups. I just about warranted my selection for the A squad. The recovery between the efforts was five minutes. This does at first glance seem to be a more than ample recovery but it proved to be somewhat parsimonious as the session progressed. The lactic acid levels in my legs increased rep upon rep. My times were as follows: 66s; 67s; 66s and 65s, so an average of 66s. Not totally humiliating tines in real tine and if one drags in the age tables then an average age related time of 54.98 doesn't seem to be too bad.


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