Friday, 17 July 2015

Courgettes and Jam.

In between today's gusty showers I picked the first courgettes of the year. The late frosts postponed the planting out of the young plants so it hasn't turned out to be an early cropping year. I have probably planted too many plants. Well alright I admit that nine plants is slightly excessive but the seeds germinated and I don't like throwing out healthy seedlings. Its lucky that I like courgettes in their various culinary guises. I have a notion that a few of today's picking will be converted into zucchini crisps for snacking on.

If I find it difficult to keep on top of the courgette harvest and some grow on to marrow proportions I am not too worried. The larger specimens with their thicker skin will store well for winter usage. It is only ten days ago that the final two giant courgettes from 2014 were brought up from the cellar and converted into marrow and ginger jam. It is probably fifty years since I last tasted marrow jam. I remember my maternal grandmother making jam with one of my early horticultural successes but I had forgotten the taste. Now that I have reintroduced myself to its delights I have to report that it is definitely towards the top of my personal league of favourite jams. The flavour is more mature and complex than the obvious sweetness of raspberry or strawberry. A jam for the discerning gourmand.


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