Sunday, 16 June 2013

Three Copies of Framley Parsonage

I do enjoy Trollope's novels, but that doesn't explain why I have ended up with three copies of, "Framley Parsonage. A totally satisfactory explanation evades me for the moment. I suppose that one of the duplicates may have been included in a boxed set of, "classics," but what of the other? Maybe a £1 price tag was just too attractive, or maybe I had a very early, "senior moment," and I forgot that this book was already contained within my personal library.


How did I discover that I was the proud possessor of a superfluity of Trollope? Well I had invested in one of these app things. This one goes by the name of Book Crawler and it allows you to scan details of your books and CDs onto your tablet thingy. It really is quite surprising what these pieces of computer tech can now do. I remember when the sliderule was the zenith of tech chic!


Anyhow this app thing turns your tablet into a scanner which reads the bar code on the back of your book. If your book is a pre barcode edition then you can still enter details manually. You end up with a record of all of your books. My computer record told me that I had three copies of this particular novel. It also informed me that I had two copies of Martin Chuzzlewit! Another senior moment! Zut alors!


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