Saturday, 1 June 2013

Garvagh Museum


Garvagh Museum is one of those small museums which is run by volunteers on a proverbial shoestring. The building in which it is housed is little more than a large agricultural shed. Well actually that is what it is. It reminds me of that structure in Tullamore which was and perhaps still is styled the Irish National Indoor Athletics Arena.


Whilst the local historians of the Garvagh area may not have the most salubrious of buildings to house their collection there is no doubting their enthusiasm. I had read that a new exhibition was to be opened at the Museum on 31st May so I thought that I would drive along and give it a, "once over." I have to concede that the prospect of ,"light refreshments." was probably the tipping factor for my outing.


The title given to the exhibition was, "The Plantation of Ulster in a Century of Turbulence." Whilst I found some of the exhibits quite interesting, particularly those relating to the Penal Laws, I think that the items on display should have been displayed in chronological order so that visitors could pass exhibits with the benefit of previous exhibits and their captions. History is after all a series of consequences. Events are explained in the context of what has gone before. This is where this exhibition falls down.


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