Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sainsbury Pea Purchase


It will be another month before the homegrown peas will be ready for picking. A notion for peas and mint sauce did therefore necessitate the purchase of a bag of garden peas from, "Sainsbugs." This did rather go against the grain as I do try to be more or less self sufficient as regards vegetables, dipping into the freezer to use frozen surpluses whenever the garden is in low production mode.


The pods in the selected bag looked to be well filled, albeit the pods were not particularly long. Still I told myself it is quite early for British grown peas. The price demanded for this bag of produce proved to be £2.00! Unfortunately Sainsbury's packaging does not provide weights in proper units. They insist on using the cross channel gramme. My purchase contained five hundred of these foreign units. It transpires that my purchase actually weighed 17.64 oz. So just over a pound.


Unfortunately I have to report that the pods were not filled with tight rows of perky peas. The peas were quite small and unfortunately many of the pods were, if not actually blind, tending to the spectrum of mangetout. The bag produced four and a half ounces of small to tiny peas.


The lessons learnt are continue growing my own and freeze more peas.


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