Monday, 3 June 2013

Bigus Figus!

It is now two years since the fig tree was purchased from Viscount Dunluce and moved from the rarefied climes of Glenarm Castle. To call it a tree is perhaps pushing credulity a mite too far. It is still under three feet in height!


I think that I will keep it in the greenhouse for another couple of years before planting it out in a sheltered spot with a warming wall behind it. This year's figs are beginning to swell and I would expect that they should be ready for picking in early July. Not a huge crop, but a definite improvement on last year. Although one needs to restrict root growth to encourage fruiting the existing pot is definitely too small. It is beginning to split! I think that I will move the plant into a nine inch pot. That should be of sufficient size until the tree is planted outside in its pit.


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