Monday, 21 January 2013

The Tax Man Cometh

It is that time of year again. The deadline for submitting one's tax return and paying the first moiety of any tax due is looming. For most of the year the 31st January deadline seems so far in the distance that one can conveniently ignore it. Come January however the deadline is definitely in the car headlights. It cannot be ignored any longer, unless one wants to make a present of at least £100 to the government's coffers.


I have to concede that I am not very good at ensuring that my tax return is submitted in good time. This year I managed to have it winged off to the Revenue by 17th January. Congratulations I hear you shout. It's not that my tax affairs are very complicated. They aren't. I don't even have any tax to send off. In fact last year the Chancellor's tax collectors had to send me a small refund. It's just the hassle of collating the relevant information.


Last January I promised myself that I would be more assiduous in this annual task. It was a new year's resolution that I was going to keep. But you can't do anything until the beginning of the new tax year. So a couple of months pass by and by then January's panic has almost been forgotten. The summer beckons and you keep putting the task off.


I have told myself that this year will be different. This will be the year that I will have my tax return submitted before midsummer's day.


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