Sunday, 13 January 2013

Starbucks Proposal for Montmartre

It is reported that Starbucks are intending to extend their French operation by opening an outlet at Place du Tertre. I wonder if they are hoping that this will earn some of the money they are now going to pay the British Exchequer on a voluntary basis?

It does seem sad that this American giant should be opening in a Parisian quarter which caters so well for the tourist as well as its locals. Will the Starbuck's experience benefit the ambiance of the area? I do not think so. It will be extremely incongruous to see the Starbucks signage behind the street artists in this cobbled square. I cannot imagine that the local shopkeepers will favour this proposed infiltration of their territory.

I do not like clone towns within a country and equally I do not want clone cities spread across Europe at the instigation of pan national corporations. Maybe it is time for national identity to be fostered and for protectionism to come to the fore. Vive la difference! Say ,"Non," to Starbucks?

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