Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ailments of a Horseless Carriage.

My trusty automotive steed has again displayed its age and decreasing reliability. I have had to call upon the local vehicle vet to investigate its current ailment and prescribe the necessary restorative treatment.

The symptoms were obvious enough, a red light proclaiming that, "brake fluid was low." I had the reservoir topped up but to no avail. Ten days later the same warning message appeared. My very limited knowledge of the internal workings of a car suggested that new brake pads might be required, but this was not to be the diagnosis. What old Dobbin needs is a new brake calliper.

I have more or less decided that I won't be putting Dobbin through the traumas of its next MOT ,but as a new mount is not yet ready ,and as brakes are not an optional extra on a car, I am going to have to spend a few shekels on some restorative work so as to keep the steed on the road for the next few months. Some small recompense for the faithful dumb friend.

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