Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Horsemeat - The Combi Burger Answer

I wonder if Tesco, Iceland, Aldi et all are missing a nifty marketing trick regarding the beef/horsemeat/pork burgers which have been discovered by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland?

Granted the labelling might have been wrong, but we are being assured that these gourmet delicacies are no threat to human health. So why not now formally launch the Great British Combi Burger?

I can almost see Daisy, Dobbin and Perky staring up at me from the tasteful packaging, their little eyelashes frozen in grateful pose, thanking us the lucky purchasers for permitting them to die together.

Think of the savings that would result. There would be no need to give the machinery at the processing plants a thorough clean between different meat batches, because every batch would be made up of mixed meats. Get everyone to partake of Combi Burgers and the manufacturers and retailers don't have to have separate advertising budgets for different types of burgers. Even the farmers would be winners. The poultry farmer would no longer have to compete against the beef farmer or the pig farmer.

Strange isn't it that until the Irish Food Safety Authority made its findings public that no one had complained about the taste of their burgers?  Clearly our taste buds are not overly developed and we need to be told what we are eating and obviously we all read through the ingredients list before buying cooking and eating food.

Having eaten horse meat in France I must say it is quite palatable. If the Combi Burger doesn't take off then maybe some Dragon's Den wannabe will bring the equine burger to market. Nay I hear you say.

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