Sunday, 27 January 2013

Birdwatch 2013 - Birds Keeping Dry

This was the weekend of the RSPB's Birdwatch. The aim of this annual exercise is to gain information on the spread and population of the different bird species that frequent our gardens and parks. You are requested to record the highest number of each bird species you see at the same time over the course of an hour. I was out on manoeuvres most of yesterday, but I decided to allocate the obligatory hour to the task just after today's lunch.

The weather did not augur well for my mini survey. Rain was falling as I commenced my viewing and continued to do so throughout the hour. The birds seemed to have decided that they did not want wet feathers and even the attraction of free food at the bird feeder was not bringing many of our feathered friends out into the wet and cold. I suppose that I should have tramped around the garden as well as checking on the visitors to the bird feeder, but I decided to remain indoors for my vigil.

I cannot remember exactly what species and numbers I recorded last year ,but my impression is that there was both a greater variety and greater numbers. That said I do think that the weather had a big affect on today's sightings. My recordings were as follows:-
  • Blackbird 2
  • Blue Tit 4
  • Chaffinch 6
  • Collared Dove 3
  • Great Tit 3
  • Greenfinch 1
  • House Sparrow 6
  • Long Tailed Tit 6
  • Robin 2

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