Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Cold Run at the Port

It was tempting not to go for a run today. The cold weather was prompting me to stay indoors and succumb to warm laziness. I did however manage to ignore these sensible notions of middle age. My only nod to common sense was to drive to the coast for my run. I viewed that that there wouldn't be as much ice on the coastal roads and footpaths.


Portrush was the venue for my expenditure of calories. The footpaths were not entirely free of ice so most of my run was on road. The tide was in so that put paid to a gallop along East Strand.


There were quite a few people out running. What surprised me was the skimpiness of their attire. None of them were wearing running tights or tracksuit bottoms and most of them had declined the advantages of gloves and beanie hats. Silly people! Shorts and a running vest when it is peppering freezing point is not a sensible ensemble.


My grumbling hip has been slightly better over the past few weeks so I was able to tramp on at an acceptable pace for my hour of exercise. I tried not to look at my Garmin too often during the course of the hour. It is easy to become competitive and try to push yourself on a non-session day. My average pace was 7.15 per mile. My coach recommends that we work off kilometres rather than miles but speeds and distances in Franco- German speak just don't mean anything to me and I can't make comparisons.


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