Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Evening Run.

My usual compadres did not turn up for training tonight. I gave them ten or so minutes in case they were delayed by traffic, but to no avail. It was getting cooler and the temptation was to just drive home, but the guilt of not training was something that could not be ignored.

I drove to a better lit venue which tends to be frequented by some club members, hoping that I would come upon someone to train with. There was no one present when I arrived so I decided to just do an hour of steady running by myself.

Some twenty five minutes into my run I was passing my car when I espied that a fellow club member and near contemporary had arrived. He also was missing his usual training partners. After another twenty minutes running to allow him to warm up we started into a session of four hundred metre efforts, (8 x 400m with 60s between efforts). As a cross country and road runner he regarded this as a speed session.

I can't say that there was no training affect from the session ,but I certainly found it comfortable, running alongside my doctor friend. We averaged 76s. He had the grace to remark afterwards that he had noticed that I was not breathing heavily during the runs whereas he was blowing quite a bit. A matter of horses for courses really. A six mile cross country race would see me struggling in his wake.

We concluded our training with a twenty minute warm down.

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