Saturday, 22 December 2012

Pre Xmas Run

Today was the last pre- Christmas group training session. We are on rest/easy training mode at the moment. Our coach is lapping up the winter sun in Portugal and arranging our spring training week.

Left to our own devices we decided upon a 10k session. After our usual 5k warm up we ran 8 x 1000m with 2 min between efforts . The aim was to run the kilometre reps at 10k pace. My average time was 3. 43.5. It didn't feel particularly quick but I would be more than happy with a 10k at that pace, bearing in mind my current state of fitness and current age. I just wish my hip problem would resolve itself so at I could rack my training up. Still I was able to drag our sole regular female runner around the circuit and she was very happy with her times. I think that she should be aiming for the same 800m time as myself this coming year. Two minutes fifteens secs is the target. I know that it sounds rather pedestrian but once you factor in the age tables it begins to sound respectable.

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