Sunday, 2 December 2012

Herb Sunday

The relatively mild weather conditions have meant that many of my herbs are still quite verdant. Clearly the frosts will do their worst in the very near future and that will put an end to fresh herbs until the spring. I have picked and dried quite a few, "Schwartz " jar fulls of various herbs already. That said I decided to pick some more this afternoon. For the most part the croppings were placed on the top of the Aga to speed up their dessication. The parsley was however just bagged and frozen.

The herbs which were selected for today's drying session were apple mint, sage, bay  and marjoram. It is surprising the quantity you can harvest from a very modest area. With the increasing cost of foodstuffs I find it somewhat strange that more people do not decide to invest a little time and effort in growing their own fruit and veg. A lot of us have more than ample room to grow a significant percentage of our food. The, " Dig for Victory," exhortation may be seventy years old but it is perhaps even more relevant today. Add the words, " from recession," and there is the impetus and rationale for the effort.

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