Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Munchies

Another Christmas. Another year. One does tend to reminisce at this time of year. I always enjoy the run up to Christmas. One's youthful eagerness never totally disappears. Yes the socks have arrived again!. I don't have a huge pressie haul but I do appreciate it.

The day's festive meal rarely fails to please one's taste buds and today's munchies were certainly up to standard although the roast potatoes were forgotten about. I was not involved in their production but I did espy their preparation. Despite this I managed to fail to remind the cook of their existence. My loss is apparently going to be the gain of the cook's elder son's canine friend. I hope that Fido enjoys my loss. Thankfully the roast ham was retained on the menu. I must concede that a well prepared ham rates above turkey so far as I am concerned. Maybe it is the saltiness or the taste of the cloves.

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