Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Blocked for Christmas

Once I had returned from my run this pm I decided to attack some of the wood rings which had been stacked up in neat order by my chainsaw wielding friends a week past. Thankfully the rain had eased somewhat.

I managed to wheel up six barrow loads of rings for starters. Doesn't sound a lot I know, but the rings are rather large - and heavy! A wheelbarrow full is probably two hundredweight and that is amply heavy when you are wheeling it a couple of hundred yards over grass.. At least some of the wood is now under cover.

The seventh barrow load succumbed to my splitter and sledge. Another fifty blocks to add to my pile. It is rather satisfying to see the newly split blocks pile up. If there is any bark on the block it is of course important to stack the blocks with the bark uppermost.

I am continually surprised at the price being charged for bags of blocks. Five pounds seems to be a very average price for a sack containing maybe two dozen blocks. I would probably use two sackfuls every night. Perhaps more! Once I have blocked up all of this years arboreal casualties I should have three months fuel for next winter. The good life is an appealing notion and maybe a necessary elective.

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