Friday, 7 December 2012

Leeks and Cheese Sauce

I braved the biting wind this morning and ventured into the garden for a short period. The vegetable patch is looking somewhat dishevelled at the moment so I decided that a bit of tidying up was appropriate.

I also wanted to dig up some leeks for this evenings repast. I don't imagine that anything too exotic will be done with them. They will most probably meet their end with a rather calorific cream sauce covering their blanched looks. No doubt standard carbohydrate fare together with a modicum of protein will accompany them to my plate before I dispatch them all. In terms of liquid refreshment to assist my digestion I think that it may be necessary to open the bottle of Pouilly- Fuisse given to me by a friend a couple of months back. It would be wrong to allow it to turn to vinegar and disrespectful to the friend.

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