Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas Logs

I hadn't been up very long on Saturday morning when my chainsaw wielding friend and his son arrived to assist the hornbeam in its desire to hit the ground, (my post of 28th November refers). They clearly knew how to use their weapons of mass destruction although the hornbeam put up considerable resistance. Apparently this tree has the hardest woods of all our native trees. The hardness of the wood is such that it is used for among other things the production of butcher's blocks. No wonder I was having some difficulty with my trusty handsaw.

With the hornbeam reduced to a series of rings and smaller logs the intrepid duo set to work on several large beech boughs which had come to earth . This turned out to be easier work. I have to concede that I left all the cutting to my friends. Whist they did the heavy work I initially concentrated on lopping off the small wood. They then wheeled some rings near to the sheds. This was done at the run. Alternate training! I then set to work on blocking the rings. It was my turn to start perspiring. It will definitely be a few weeks before I have all the wood blocked and stacked. I suspect that I will end up with near three thousand blocks and my friends have departed with an Ivor Williams trailer full of rings. 

The crepitus in my shoulder is not going to improve.

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