Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tomato Time

"Moneymaker" 13th July 2012

Last year, following the advice proffered by Alan Titchmarsh, I decided to plant my vine tomatoes closer than the recommended fifteen to eighteen inches . I placed them some 12 inches apart. This enabled me to have three plants across the width of the greenhouse border. The tighter planting scheme did not cause any reduction in the yield per plant which remained at some 7lbs.

With last year's experience behind me I have adopted the same approach this year. Since the first trusses have set I have been feeding the plants. They are now over five feet tall and the early trusses are filling out well. At present rates of growth I would expect that within another fortnight I will be obliged to nip out the growing points to prevent them hitting the greenhouse roof. That should give me six trusses per plant. With the lack of sunshine I think it may well be August before the first tomatoes are ready.

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