Tuesday, 24 July 2012

On Track

Pleased with my training today. I put in what I think was my best session of a rather interrupted season. Maybe it was the presence of Jason Smyth (defending double paralympic champion and almost olympic participant) or maybe it was my younger (very much younger) training partner dragging me around the track. In any event the legs, lungs and head all seemed to work in unison .

There wasn't a great distance to be covered, but it was to be a speed session. We ran a 400m followed by a 300m, then a 200m and ended up with a 100m. Between each rep there was a 500m walk/jog recovery. I managed 60.7; 43; 27 and 13.6. Not quite the times of days of yore, but if you give them the sugar coating of Mr Grubb's Age Tables the times come down to a more satisfying 51.33; 36.13; 22.54 and 11.77. Still not in Jason's league but certainly better.

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